Take the Time to Enjoy the Simple Things

September 08, 2016  •  4 Comments

My husband, two girls and I strolled through Costco this past Saturday morning in preparation for a Labour Day BBQ we were hosting. As we dodged in and out of the crowds (yes Costco on a Saturday morning = we are crazy!) a yearly Fall purchase caught my eye, tulip bulbs! Every year since we moved into our new place, I have purchased these bulbs to plant, and every year without fail I have forgot or run out of time to plant these bulbs. My husband promptly told me to put the bulbs straight into the garbage as that is where they were going to end up, then laughed at me. With every intention to plant them in the coming weeks and put the bag in the cart and continued shopping.

This year is going to be different. I promise. I will plant them. I promise!

When I began my maternity leave in June with our sweet baby Addison, I promised myself things would be different. I would take the time to do the things I "never have time to do", like plant those bulbs. As we move into Fall, I look back on Summer and wonder, did I approach things differently as a vowed to do? I did, and in fact I am very proud of myself. We did many things I never had time for. We strawberry picked, grew our own garden, had tea parties, visited a few different splash pads, cleaned closets, spent time with family and even worked on my own photobooks! We had a lot of fun this summer, however it came with some anxiety. The anxiety about the messy house, dirty laundry, and dinner no ready for hubby when he got home. As the summer went on, the anxiety became less and less and we had more and more fun.

As my girls grow I am finding I too am growing. Learning how to take the time to do the enjoyable things in life is truly the most important thing in life and its a lesson I just learned. The seasons come and go to fast and our kids grow even faster. Stop. Enjoy it. 

So yes, I will plant these bulbs. Lilly, Addison and I will got out and I will teach them how to plant them, while teaching them about the seasons, our garden, and flowers.

Take the time to enjoy all things in life, including laundry, and make sure you make the time for the more enjoyable things.



Below is a summer project I started. My sister Whitney gave me a grow your own tea. As you can see I took the time to plant it and have been working hard on it! I have home grown tea in sight



Janice Smith(non-registered)
Couldn't have put it better myself. Take time to be with the ones you love. Treasure each moment with family and friends. Life goes by quickly.
Aunt Barb and Uncle Bob(non-registered)
Beautifully put Andrea. Yes, time is precious. It is the simple things in life we remember the most, playing in the hay and straw and running through the creek. Picking stones in the paddocks and at the end of the day roasting marshmallows around the bonfire.
jamesmuirand Mary Muir grandama and grandpa(non-registered)
we love you as a family and you for this lovely simple way you put this. love you..........
Good words of advice. Enjoy every day even the little things.
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