Happy Civic Long Weekend

July 30, 2016  •  2 Comments

Lilly Bear and her Garden

Like most people, I entered into a cherished summer long weekend with many plans for my family and I. This July Civic long weekend was no different. I had plans to spend most of the weekend outside, running through the sprinkler, playing in the sand tables, BBQing lunch and dinner and of course enjoying the summer sunshine. That being said my weekend has beat to a different set of drums thus far...

Today began early, way to early. Sweet Addy Bear (8 weeks old now!) allowed Mama to sleep from 12am-5am which was refreshing, however I was in for a rude awakening when Miss Lilly decided it was time for Mama and Daddy to rise and shine at 6:30 by telling us, "its time to get up!", in a very loud tone. I rolled over  and asked her to whisper as its still sleeping time, and thus began our day, she flailed herself to the ground and began to cry. 

Between spilled milk, missing screws from my Ikea building project, to snacks that consisted of play dough and crayons, I did get a lot accomplished, none of which was on my "cherished plans". I cleaned our very cluttered basement, over and over again, as Lily seemed to undo all the cleaning I did. I washed and folded laundry, over and over again, and Lilly and Bently both unfolded and rolled in it. I cooked meals, and cleaned up, over and over again.

As the day turned into evening and we finally began to venture outside, upset with the lack of accomplishments of the day, I grabbed my Diet Coke and Rachael Ray magazine and followed Lilly outside. My relaxing and magazine reading plans quickly halted when Lilly came running toward me and said "Mama, our garden, tomatoes, I need to get my shoes". She was referring to the veggie garden her and I planted in May. It is not huge but its ours and we get very excited when we get to tend to it. All I wanted to do was sit for 15 minutes and relax but against my wishes followed Lilly to the garden. 

We ventured out to the garden which sits behind our fence on the edge of a farmers field. Like always I reminded Lilly she may pick and eat the veggies, but she has to remember only the red ones are to be eaten as the green are not ready. I stood back and watched her. She picked the red tomatoes, put some in her basket, more in her mouth. She did eat some green ones, however quickly remembered they were no good. She continued to pick the red peppers and the green beans, once again eating more than she put in her basket. 

The less than 5 minutes I stood and watched her, reminded me that life doesnt always go as planned, some days will be hectic, stressful and down right exhausting, and that sometimes the unplanned events in our lives are the ones to be cherished the most.

Here's to my daughter who always reminds me to sit back and enjoy life, not matter what life throws at us. Thanks Lilly Bear xo

Lets see what tomorrow brings!





That is so true and very well said.
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Love it! Great first post!!
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